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Jamia Rehmania Educational and Cultural Trust

103 Rutland Avenue
High Wycombe,
Bucks. HP12 3JQ


" .... To date premises have been aquired and lessons provided by Mr Rehman and voluntary helpers. However the future needs of this agency are both capital and revenue; the building needs further refurbishment and courses for adults have been difficult to provide because of limited funding. Many adults would like lessons in literacy, basic computer skils and English. Jamia Rehmania is well placed to provide such courses.

Jamia Rehmania's service is extremely valuable to the local community: many local people have come from rural Pakistan, some some not able to speak Urdu, many unable to speak English and also many illiterate in both Urdu and English. This results in isolating many residents in their homes, unable to take up employment, leisure and social opportunities. Jamia Rehmania has the capacity to offer a first step in training and integration to adults and young people that would prepare them for further, more mainstream, education or indeed employment."

Fiona Dent
Castlefield Community Development
Wycombe District Council

"I have known Mr Rehman for 10 years, as the Imam at the local Mosque, as the teacher of an after school Quran/Arabic class and as the parent of his children, who attend this school.

Mr Rehman believes that education is the key to his community maintaining their own culture yet also becoming equal participants in their host culture. He also realises the crucial role of parents in the education of their children.

At the Jamia Rehmania Centre he is attempting not only to educate children in the Quran and Arabic, but also help their mothers understand and involve themselves in their children's education.

I endorse the work that Mr Rehman is doing and recommend him to you"

K M hodges
Head Teacher, Castlefield School

"Congratulations on the developing success of your project which obviously is a welcome response to need in the Castlefield community.

Thank you for your time when I visited on Saturday morning last week finding three groups of boys quietly engaged with their teachers studying Urdu. I am impressed that you have about two hundred boys, girls and adults enrolled for various classes for Urdu, Arabic, English and basic computer skills. As a doctor in the area for over twenty years I am encouraged to see plans for "keep fit" and health education opportunities.

The fact that you have launched the scheme on a self supporting basis is proof of its value. I wholeheartedly commend your group for seeking development grants as the school age group of your community accounts for a tenth of the total population in Castlefield. Special provision for your cultural needs is essential, and as part of the integrated community development programme should receive support.

I wish you well in your search for further classroom accommodation and development of the Trust's business plan."

Dr M H Bowker
Wye Valley Surgery

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